Friday, 15 March 2013

Apt, Very Apt

ANOTHER day of dressing up for amazing son number 2 at school today. Can I just reiterate that I do cake not costumes. I can make pretty good cake but rubbish costumes. And again I left it until the day before to sort said costume. The theme for today was 'Super Heroes' for Red Nose Day. We just about pulled it off again as amazing son number 2 is so very cute. There was some compromise discussion as to what super hero he wanted to be a few days ago. We decided on 'Super Geek' with the catchphrase 'I know ALL the answers'. I had to laugh this morning. He wanted to dust his bedroom to earn pocket money and I said that he had to tidy away all the Lego and toys on the floor first. His reply? "Why do I need to tidy first, I'm not going to dust the floor?!" Hmmm. An answer for everything that one, truly.

'I know ALL the answers!'

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