Friday, 11 March 2011

Food to Soothe....

It's been a tough old week in a variety of ways really- glad to have got to Friday, although that in itself hasn't been straightforward. Amazing son number 1 refused to come into the house for nearly 2 hours following a shoe shopping trip after school this afternoon- I was ready to give him his sleeping bag and camping mat out there but I am glad to say he is now tucked up in bed after the gorgeous husband intervened. I have to say that if I was taken out and bought 3 new pairs of shoes (3 pairs!!! I can only dream....) I wouldn't be stropping about it.

So, food to soothe was a mushroom and tarragon pearl barley risotto alongside a nice glass of Marlborough Savuignon Blanc followed by a home-made chocolate chip brownie. I'm too tired to think about how I cooked it all and write the recipe down, but it was delicious. And the best thing is that pearl barley is so tough (the gorgeous husband understandably refuses to eat reheated risotto made with risotto rice) it can withstand being warmed up a second time  - so there are happily a couple of portions in the freezer too. Although I'm hoping that next week will be a little easier and I won't be eating it for the same reasons.

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