Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lego Head Cakes

The amazing son number 2 is turning 8 on Saturday and is completely Lego mad. I have lost count of which different Lego sets he has asked for or is planning to buy. Our playroom is usually covered with Lego pieces (perfect excuse not to hoover too often in there, you never know what you might accidentally suck up). I usually make an ice cream birthday cake (softened vanilla ice cream, bashed bourbon biscuits, lots of different chopped chocolate bars all stirred together and frozen in a spring form cake tin) and served with either hot chocolate sauce, hot caramel sauce or hot chocolate/peanut sauce - thank you Nigella. However, I've been inspired to break with tradition and make individual Lego head "cake pops". That's cakes on a stick to you and me. I've got as far as the basic shapes which now need to have a lollipop stick inserted and to be dipped in melted chocolate and decorated. So far so good. I'm planning on doing a bit more to them over the next couple of days and will post some more pictures when they are finished. You can see the big Lego torch I used to model them on is keeping guard in case either of the amazing sons get the midnight munchies.......it has been known!

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