Monday, 7 March 2011

.....Any Excuse for Chocolate Sauce

It is Pancake Day here on Tuesday. I usually forget and we then have them the following day after I've been to Sainsbury's for the necessary ingredients to redeem myself. However this year I have managed, quite uncharacteristically, to be organised. I also realised that Tuesday is going to be busy so we had pancakes for tea yesterday. With lemon, sugar, chopped bananas, mini marshmallows and chocolate sauce. I don't remember anyone having all 5 toppings at once thankfully. I stuck to the lemon and sugar predictably - but I did burn my mouth when making/tasting the chocolate sauce (hard job, someone has to) so wasn't wanting any more but was reliably informed that it was "delicious" (thank you gorgeous husband and amazing sons) with the bananas and marshmallows (or was it marsh-melons?). I do feel that although Tuesday is too busy for pancake making we might have to keep with tradition and have pancakes on Wednesday again.......plenty of chocolate sauce left. I probably should say that the 'ice cream' table cloth in the picture was chosen by the sons. I did promise myself a more sophisticated one once our kitchen was finished but my organisational efforts seem limited to pancakes for now as we actually finished the kitchen nearly 3 years ago!

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