Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Mushroom of Love!

I was bringing son 2 home from school with a friend yesterday and overheard part of their conversation.....

son 2 "do you still have the mushroom of love?"

friend "yes i do, i haven't finished with it yet"

son 2 "can i have it back when you are finished with it?"

WHAT is a 'mushroom of love' I asked myself, mentally noting that Valentine's Day is not far away and it might possibly be connected to some clever marketing scheme that appeals to boys of 8 or 9 who actually have NO interest in matters of romance!

So I asked........and was answered with much laughter as they explained they were talking about "From Russia With Love" - the James Bond DVD. It will forever now be known as 'The Mushroom of Love" in our house.

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