Monday, 31 January 2011

Infused and Enthused.....

Lying in bed with my favourite cup of Earl Grey tea (this one from Raffles Hotel in Singapore, thank you to a lovely friend for that!) I have been looking for recipes. I need to make a dessert (or possibly 2) that is suitable/desirable for a family lunch next weekend. This involves accommodating everyone from a 3 year old to a nearly 93 year old, and many ages in between with different likes and dislikes....

In doing so I have been stumbling across many foodie blogs - and feel somewhat inspired to start my own. Probably more for my pleasure than anything else as not sure how many people will read this but it could be fun! So here goes.

Incidentally I think I have decided on my puddings - mulled poached pears with a spiced nut stuffing for the more refined palates and chocolate malteser tray bake for the kids (big and small). My preference? - I'll be having both!

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