Saturday, 5 April 2014

Shenanigans and Chocolate Man Bites

My apologies again. I have been baking (and eating) lovely things, but keep forgetting to write about them. There has been a significant birthday in the mix too which has kept me busy. I am now in a new decade - the celebrations were suitably fantastic, and I am most definitely enjoying my new number.

There has also been a fair amount of shenanigans from the amazing sons you will be pleased to hear. Most Some of these I simply cannot tell you about. Maybe one day I will write a book about them all. If truth be told, I may have to write several books. Most recently the boys' treat boxes have very suddenly been emptied. It wasn't me, regardless of what the mince pie maker might tell you. They have obviously stepped up their game and found my hiding place. And managed to secret the treats away without my noticing until now. Previously they have always been caught in the act for example by dropping the box on the way upstairs. Funny, very funny. There is a new hiding place now so we will see how long it takes for them to find it. In the meantime I thought it pertinent to use up the huge number of chocolate bars we had - hidden away in a treat box they know nothing about! You have to be one step ahead at all times and play it like a game. So much fun!

So, in trying to use up an unreasonable number of chocolate bars I created what has now been called 'Chocolate Man Bites' by captain cakeman - a friend who cheekily likes to ask for and eat my cakes. I threw these together mainly for amazing son number 2 to take on his church sleepover last night but unwittingly told the cocktail queen (who lives with captain cakeman) about them, who decided they needed to be sampled. I think I will be needing to replace my secret chocolate bar stash to make these again some time.

They are more than simple to make, but should come with a warning. The recipe sort of goes like this:

Melt about 500g milk chocolate over a low heat with 100g unsalted butter. Stir into this lots of chopped up chocolate bars - I used about 3 Mars Bars, 3 Twixes, 3 Crunchies and a big bag of Maltesers. Flatten into a deep tray that you have lined with cling film. Then melt about 200g milk chocolate (I used 100g milk chocolate and 100g Lindor balls) and pour over the top. Put into the fridge to set, then cut into small squares. I got about 25 pieces from mine. No photos, but captain cakeman did send me the shopping list he has just written and which made me chuckle:

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