Friday, 17 January 2014


I have been rootling. I'm sure that is a real verb. Regardless, it is a word that is applicable throughout  our house where opening cupboards and drawers is never straightforward. I try and be organised but tidiness is not high on my list of priorities skill set. Please note, however, that the filing for all of of 2013 is now done, only 10 days into 2014. Exemplary I agree, until I tell you that I also had to do all of the filing for 2012 at the same time. Ooops.

My rootling was very productive. You see, I had the munchies following a run. I really fancied burnt toast and marmalade again, but there was not enough bread in the house to indulge this whim today. So I rootled. And I discovered another Christmas present from the mince pie maker. Charcoal Crunch Crackers. Apparently they are very good with cheese. I love cheese, but my immediate thought was that they would be a good substitute for my burnt toast seeing as they really do contain charcoal. And they were - topped with cream cheese and boozy, thick cut marmalade. It was an inspired combination that I may well have to repeat right now after another run.

So very, very delicious!


  1. surely neither burnt toast or carbonised whatever it is can be good for you????

    1. Just slightly burnt toast Caz - and I don't have it every day. I did a gym session and run fuelled by it this morning with no ill effects too! x