Friday, 7 September 2012

Big Trip

Please excuse the lack of posts recently. I've had the most fantastic August away with the amazing sons and the gorgeous husband. The headlines of the big trip (now that the jet lag is dealt with) have been:

Aunty CC and Jack-Jon
First off, the amazing sons and I flew to Eugene to see my twin sister and her family. What a great week we had seeing Toria, Mr Dave and Lady P. We ate a lot of ice cream, frequenting most of the various establishments nearby. The boys bought some baseball caps that go oh so nicely with their new trainers. I don't think sarcasm comes across in the written word as well as the spoken one does it. We went to a theme park and a Scandinavian food festival. And I got lost several times out running.

We got a bit damp on the log flume!

The Girls

Missing Flights and Missing Luggage in Vancouver
After a week in Eugene, the amazing sons and I flew to Vancouver to meet the gorgeous husband at the airport. Except we didn't. We did fly to Vancouver (albeit after some delay). But we didn't manage to meet the gorgeous husband there. Or retrieve my bag which went missing. So we flew on to Prince George to see the gorgeous husband's brother and his family without said husband or bag. We laughed a lot the next day once we were all reunited and after some sleep.

Prince George and More Chuis
It was good to see the gorgeous husband's brother and family for 6 days. We visited Barkerville, a former gold rush town and the cousins enjoyed panning for gold together. There were also trips to lakes, fishing, kayaking, swimming, tennis and much discussion as to why I had to pay for a glass of wine on my long haul flights despite the fact that I was the one travelling with the children. Apparently the gorgeous husband was offered copious amounts of different alcohol on his flight, seemingly from take-off to landing.

The cousins hunting for frogs.

The gorgeous husband took some amazing wildlife shots!

Lots of Chuis

Road Trip Through The Rockies
Then began our road trip though some of Canada. We drove to Jasper, then Banff before flying to Vancouver for a few days. Amazing. Breathtaking. Stunning. Awe-inspiring. Those are (I think) the 4 words we chose to describe all that we saw. Highlights would be the grizzly bears, the earl grey tea, the chocolate buffet, the oysters and all the scenery. And Tim Horton's, who we have probably kept in business for another year after all the coffee and doughnuts we ate there.

Me and my boys at Lake Louise.

More wildlife photos and my pedicured toes.

Doughnuts again!

Back to Eugene to Finish
The amazing sons and I then went back to Eugene for a few days while the gorgeous husband flew back to the UK. Undoubtedly with plenty of alcohol offered to him throughout the flight. We wanted to stay longer but were unable to change our flights. We made the most of the final part of our holiday by eating ice cream again. And I fell over on a run, which did mean I didn't get lost as I had to stop and go back. We also stocked up on Biscoff, which is the most amazing invention. I say we, but I fully intend to eat all of it single handedly.

It was simply a once in a lifetime family holiday, that has given us many wonderful memories. Shame it had to end.

Lake Louise

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  1. Wow, amazing! Look forward to seeing you soon x