Friday, 30 March 2012

Didn't I Say Never Again?

So amazing son number 2 was 9 a few weeks ago and tomorrow we are taking him with some friends for a climbing wall party. Despite my previous misgivings about making more cake pops for the sons'  birthdays I couldn't resist. However, due to a broken hand (out of plaster, in a splint, still sore, but healing nicely, thanks for asking) I am somewhat limited in what I can do. So I did cheat a little and ordered a Lego ice cube mould. I used this to make Lego brick cake pops. I think he will be pleased.  Cake, Lego, chocolate combined - can't argue with that really.


  1. COOOL! Where did you get the moulds from?? My boys would die for that sort of birthday cake. Well done genius Mum!

  2. Ebay Caz! They make quite dinky little cakes. Very easy really. I now wish I'd also got the Lego figure ice cube moulds - they would have made great chocolates for topping cakes. Cx