Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Two (or Three) Can Play At That Game!

I've just had to check my diary to reassure myself that I haven't mysteriously and rather carelessly 'lost' several days of December. The reason? It seems that the amazing sons' advent calendars are rather inept at telling me the correct date, or rather that the amazing sons are rather adept at trying to eat the chocolates ahead of schedule. I know most children have probably done this but you have to admire their audacity.  I truly believe the amazing sons are continuing to properly make progress in their attempts to stay one step ahead of me with their SHENANIGANS. You see, this year, they have had the genius idea of putting the wrappers back in the little pockets so it appears they have not been eaten. Except I know. I always now! And now I have done the same with the rest of the chocolates in their advent calendars. Oh yes, I have removed them (for safe-keeping!) and replaced the wrappers so all appears well. I wonder if either of them will come to me when they are next expecting an uneaten chocolate bar to complain! We'll have to wait and see. Funny, so very funny.

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  1. Ingenius! The Little Man just has that day's chocolate in his calendar (when I remember to do it...)