Friday, 11 November 2011

SHENANIGANS (or - Not So Whiter Than White)

I have just attempted to start washing the amazing sons' uniform from this week. I'm not sure there is much I am going to be able to do about 3 of amazing son number 2's polo shirts.

I kid you not - they really are as bad as the photos suggest. Except you can't see the holes that have mysteriously and inexplicably appeared on them in addition to the stains. He has only had these polo shirts since mid-September. 

And I am not even going to start thinking about the 3 pairs of trousers and tracksuit bottoms that I have had to sew holes up in. Holes that (again) mysteriously and inexplicably seemed to reappear the day after I had sewn them up. 

In other news I have also discovered that one of my secret hiding places for stocking presents for the amazing sons has been found. I had bought some unusual chocolate bars to wrap up to help Father Christmas. There were originally 6. There are now 4. prizes for guessing who is responsible.

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