Friday, 24 June 2011

New Vocabulary

It seems I have acquired a new word in my frequently used repertoire of vocabulary - SHENANIGANS. It needs to be written with capital letters and in bold to to imply the way it needs to be said. Shock, horror, disbelief......

The reason for this new word? The antics of the amazing sons over the last few weeks. Well, over the last few years if I am honest, but the last few weeks stand out in particular.

For example......The sneaky buying and eating of about 14 chocolate bars EACH in the space of just 3 days over half term. The spitting of toothpaste out of the bathroom window so it looks as if our garden steps have been daubed by a rather unwell flock of birds. The sneaking of the treat box upstairs after bedtime. The discovery of a stash of sweet/crisp/chocolate wrappers under the floorboards. Rotten sandwiches discovered hidden away in their bedroom. The drinking of chocolate sauce out of the bottle from the pantry shelves. The sneaking of the computer upstairs after bedtime to play games or watch DVDs. Being found INSIDE the duvet covers (buttoned up) when asked to strip their beds. Being caught on camera eating ice cream after not being allowed to have any or take any spending money on the school trip due to previous SHENANIGANS.......a parent on the trip inadvertently emailed me the photos not knowing what she had discovered.

I laugh. A lot. Usually after getting cross. Usually after a large glass of wine. I've had 2 large glasses of wine tonight. You have to agree, SHENANIGANS sums it up rather well.


  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this post. I don't have anything helpful to suggest - it just made me laugh. Do you ever watch " Phineas and Ferb"? - the phrase "you are so busted " springs to mind.

  2. Glad it made you laugh. I need to see that programme clearly! Bring on the weekend and any antics that are coming! Cx