Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cuppa Tea and A Biscuit

I really must stop trying out all the recipes in Dan Lepard's book Short and Sweet sometime very soon. This afternoon I found myself inexplicably (and indeed inextricably) drawn to his Tollhouse Yo-Yos.

It may be that after all the cakes I have consumed made I felt the need for a something a little crunchy. I should have opted for a carrot stick, or an apple, or possibly a stick of celery. But no, once spotted, I had to make this recipe. Apparently the recipe makes more than the 13 or 14 biscuits I made. But then I feel my yo-yos are slightly on the large size, and I did nibble on a large fair teeny tiny bit of dough. Just for quality control you understand. It was more than acceptable, but I will obviously be sampling the finished product just to make sure.

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