Friday, 4 May 2012


I've had a lot of fun this week making pirate cookie pops for a friend's little girl's birthday. That is a lot of apostrophes I know, but I think my grammar is accurate. These are like cake pops, but made using a simple sugar biscuit dough.

The tricky bit is the icing. You have to start by outlining your basic shape using a thicker piping consistency.

The black icing was not easy to colour but a mad dash to Sainsbury's helped.

Then you can start to 'flood' the different areas and add details such at the white spots on the bandannas. 

Please don't ask me what ethnicity these pirates are, the skin tone was particularly orange at one point and they were in danger of looking as if they had been given a dodgy fake tan!

Finally some more piping/flooding to create the facial details. Unfortunately the black icing bled a little into the surrounding colours despite the fact I left them to dry in between each stage.

These are in no way my own invention, I closely followed the instructions here. Yes, you read that correctly I 'followed instructions'. It was quite a novel experience for me as I'm sure the gorgeous husband would agree.

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