Friday, 16 March 2012

ssshhhh....more SHENANIGANS!

I thought it was a bit too quiet recently. It was making me a little uneasy. But I can now relax as I have uncovered the amazing sons' most recent bout of SHENANIGANS. What can I tell you? The abridged version is as follows:
  • A new bottle of bubble bath practically used up in a single bath, but cunningly refilled with water so all appears as it should.
  • A box of chocolate eclairs belonging to the gorgeous husband mysteriously missing from the kitchen.
  • The same goes for a box of Thornton's fudge that was mine.
  • Oh, and likewise for several chunky kit-kats, some large bars of cooking chocolate, a big bag of tortilla crisps and strangely the bran flakes kept on top of the fridge.
  • And apples and oatcakes (the 'healthy' options in their packed lunches) stuffed in various places around the playroom and in various states of decay. Nice.
  • Holes deliberately made in different articles of school uniform. Please don't ask me why.
Splendid. They are on top form aren't they! The weekend is going to be fun I'm sure. I have got a bottle of wine already chilling in the fridge I can assure you.

And, a question for you. As a parent of a now teenaged son, I would like to know if it is normal for them to follow you onto a bus and then proceed to sit as far away from you as possible? No, I wasn't dressed embarrassingly, or singing or dancing my way along the aisle to my seat, and just moments before we had been having a perfectly normal conversation (be advised that I do use the term 'conversation' loosely in this context). Odd. Or to be expected?

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