Saturday, 31 December 2011

Stuff and Junk

I've not written anything for a while as I've been pondering a few things.

This year has been teaching me that life is better when it is simple. Fewer demands, fewer distractions, fewer things. I'm still working on this but I know for sure that life is good and that those people who are meant to be around me are still there, although some of them are geographically further away than before.

In it all  I have been learning to "settle" and to be "available" to those who matter most - the gorgeous husband, the amazing sons and family. I have also had my eyes opened to the reality of true friends and friendships. Those people who can really know you, who you can share the ups and down of life with, and who stick by you in it all.

So life is very different at the end of 2011 from at the beginning. That is more than good. Priorities have shifted in many directions. I feel healthier and more blessed in every way. I'm not saying it's not challenging at times but anyone that truly knows me will know that I always rise to a challenge.

So my challenges for next year are simple though daunting, and at the core of them lies the need to continue with putting my family first. By the end of March I am going to have stopped working as part of this ongoing process. I don't do 'staying at home' but it seems I soon will be. In it all I am trusting God that He knows best, and that ultimately He works out everything for the good of those who love Him.

Happy New Year.

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