Saturday, 16 April 2011

Silicone Moan

Now I am a big fan of silicone, in baking terms anyway. I love the way my brownies, flapjacks and caramel shortbread turn out of the silicone baking tray with no greasing or lining. Effortless and easy. So I was more than a little excited by the prospect of this silicone piping bag from Lakeland. I had made some vanilla cupcakes for the amazing sons and wanted to ice them so decided to give it a try. The cupcakes were iced well enough, but in hindsight I didn't like the 'feel' to the piping bag - it felt clumsy, and I'm not sure I would manage anything that needed a more deft or delicate touch like macarons which I am planning on making VERY soon. Still, the cupcakes have been wolfed down - little Easter ones complete with eggs in the end. Twee and a definite cliche but deliciousness itself.

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