Saturday, 12 February 2011

A Dirty Half Dozen

The gorgeous husband regularly brings eggs home from work. This in itself is slightly odd although very much appreciated. The latest half dozen are clearly freshly laid (sorry if you are squeamish about such things and their slightly grubby appearance) but they also made us laugh. One is a 'double-yolker' apparently. I don't think it is the blue one which is a rather lovely hue but confuses me because I don't know why we have a blue egg. We had a blue egg (and a double-yolker) last time. Can you tell which the double-yolker is? Go on, hazard a guesss!


  1. I thinks it's the middle one in the back row, behind the really big one.

  2. You could be right! But if I jiggled them around in the box would you be able to find it again?!